Software Development

App Store

  • NFTA

    Nashville Food Truck Association’s official app. The Looking for Nashville’s best food trucks? Now you can find all of them in one place. The NFTA app let’s you see not only where the trucks are today, but also where they will be tomorrow, this weekend, next week, and even next month!

  • ToGoOrder was founded in 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee with a clear objective: to make it easier to find and order your favorite takeout food. Maybe you need to quickly order lunch for an office meeting. Maybe you need to pick up dinner on the way home. Maybe you just don’t want to wait in line at your favorite restaurant.

  • OrderCloud

    OrderCloud is a cloud-based mobile command center for merchants. Sign up for a merchant account, get new and completed orders, Manage menus, set wait times and notifications, and view daily sales reports all on your iPhone or iPad.

Atiba Projects

  • ToGoOrder

    Native iOS apps coded in Objective-C. The NFTA app allows users to see where to find food trucks in Nashville. The ToGoOrder app allows diners to place orders through their iPhone and pay for the order through a simple process. The OrderCloud app allows merchants to receive orders, manage menu, schedule events, change settings and more. The ToGoOrder project has been broken down into modules that will be reused in other apps that can be branded for organizations.

  • Expedia

    An internal dashboard for Expedia employees. Data is presented primarily through a DataTables based spreadsheet. Content can be sorted and filtered as if using Excel. The dashboard runs on a Windows IIS server with a SQL Server database. The DataTables interface is packaged as a ASP.NET user control coded in C#. JavaScript DataTables plugins were developed to augment DataTables functionality.

  • Dollar General

    Documentation of Dollar General’s internal ESB in preparation for migration to a modern ESB. The process from sender to receiver was documented using flow charts and presented to Dollar General management. This was the Phase 1 in a transition process to a modern ESB. The code documented was written in Perl and utilizes FTP for data transmission.

  • Peer-Tree

    A social platform for publishing, sharing and consuming educational content. Peer-Tree is still under development and not yet available to the public. Peer-Tree is HTML5 compliant. The software runs on a LAMP stack on top of the CodeIgniter framework. The interactive user interface is coded in JavaScript with the jQuery and jQuery UI JavaScript libraries. Course content is produced and modified using the WYSIWYG HTML5 Aloha Editor.

  • Blevins Online Store

    Online store based on the popular open source OpenCart platform. Designed to be rebranded under unique store names at unique dot-coms. Stores can be branded with one of four templates. Each template has 4 color variations. Currently there are 20+ unique stores running on this platform. The online stores can run on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack or WIMP (Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP) stack.

Open Source Code

  • JHScrollViewHeader

    A simple class used to insert a header image above any UIScrollView. Pulling the table down zooms the header image – snapping back when the user lets go. Pushing the table up obscures the header from view.

  • OsiriX Plugins

    Plugins for OsiriX used for calculation of correct 10-20, 10-10 and 10-5 systems for EEG electrode placement. The StereotaxPoint plugin returns the stereotax coordinates of an ROI in OsiriX. The ViewTemplate plugin implemented the initial template based method for electrode placement. The TenTwenty plugin uses a more robust method that measures the skull in an MRI to generate stereotax coordinates for electrode placement. All plugins coded in Objective-C.

  • JPSTH Toolbox

    To investigate spike timing relationships between simultaneously recorded neurons, we wrote and optimized functions to perform joint peri-stimulus time histogram (JPSTH) analysis . This technique was originally developed by Aertsen et al (1989, J Neurophysiol 51: 900-17) and refined by Brody (1999, Neural Computation 11: 1127-35; 1999, Neural Computation 1537-51). Our code can be found here.

GitHub Pull Requests

Recent experience

  • Objective-C iOS development
  • C# ASP.NET development
  • LAMP based web development.
  • Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • Objective-C Mac OS X
  • OsiriX Plugins for neuroscience research.
  • MATLAB software for neuroscience research.